Baby Seals, Antarctic Ice, and Medicaid

So far as I am aware, no woman has ever conceived or given birth to anything other than a human baby. And that is truly a shame.

If a woman conceived a baby seal, then that furry fetus would no doubt enjoy the protection of local, state, and federal law.

If a woman conceived a piece of Antarctic glacier, then that precious chunk of fetal ice would surely fear no abortionist’s grisly craft.

If a woman conceived just a small part of Medicaid, Medicare, or Social Security, then every politician worth his weight in lobbyists would nurture that sweet, little, entitlement fetus with the greatest of legislative care.

But a woman cannot conceive these important things; she can only conceive a human child, and a human child—unlike baby seals and Antarctic ice and government social programs—has no value. You are free to kill that child with impunity.

When a human child is a disposable inconvenience, but a government subsidy for my prescription antacid is an indispensible “right,” then we, as a nation, have truly lost our way.

And that is truly a shame . . . on us.

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