Political Truth Telling

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are immoral and dishonest. Neither has anything resembling Christian character. Let’s not pretend that they do. Christians—good men and women—have been arguing in person and on social media about the relative wickedness of Donald over against Hillary, each person in his or her own way expressing that Trump is this bad and Clinton is that bad. And with such rubrics, each exhorts the other to vote for this candidate or that, saying, “He is the lesser of two evils,” or “She is the lesser of two evils.” Really?

How about we, as Christians, choose not to diminish the sin of either, or to attempt to sanctify one by demonizing the other? Maybe instead we should just be honest. After all, no one else will be. When the media offers this kind of spin, it makes sense. When Christians engage in it, we just sound sad and misled and worldly. Among other traits, honesty ought to mark a Christian. Who do we serve by attempting to cover or diminish the sins of our potential leaders? Ought we not insist that such sins see the light of day so that all men might vote intelligently rather than ignorantly? Above all people, a Christian should rather see the candidate he opposes win a fair election than to see the candidate he supports win through dishonest means. Isn’t any attempt to gloss over the sins and character flaws of our preferred candidate simply an act of deception? Is that becoming of a man or woman who claims Christ?

Vote your conscience, but do not soil that conscience by misrepresenting your preferred candidate; do not betray your conscience by setting aside rigorous honesty in favor of political victory.

At least, don’t do it in the name of Christ.

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