Fake News, Real News, and a Man Called Sally

All news is fake news.

Our society long ago abjured the notion of absolute truth. It teaches instead that morality is subjective; even basic human identity is up for grabs. It matters not if I possess male genitalia. If I wear a dress and insist that people call me Sally, who are you to argue? Identity is not a product of biology; it is a personal preference. So is sexuality. What is “true” for you may not be what is “true” for me, which subjectivizes the whole notion of truth itself. News is not fact. It is perspective. Your view of an event may differ from mine. Who’s to say what really happened?

I could go on, but you get the drift. The difference between a news source that is a shill for the extreme right or left and a supposedly legitimate news source is not a difference between fake news and real news. It is not a difference in kind, but only in degree. Both sources promote an agenda; they provide an interpretation, which is based on pre-existing cultural, political, and moral commitments. Each source presents a viewpoint that reflects its ideology. Whereas an alt-left source might freely admit its political bias—and even glory in it—a more moderately liberal source, such as CNN, insists that it is neutral, free from any ideology, and a trustworthy source of “real” news, all the while referring to a man in a dress as “she.” You cannot have it both ways. Either you admit your ideological bias and refer to the man in the dress as Sally, or you deny any bias and call the man “he.” The rise of “fake” news as a cultural phenomenon is simply the logical extension of the loss of absolute truth.

When nothing is true, nothing is false either.

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