Various Shades of Nonsense

Common sense has died in the United States. In its place stands a suffocating political correctness, in which nonsense reigns.

An Asian sportscaster named Robert Lee is forbidden from announcing a University of Virginia football game because Robert E. Lee was a Confederate general. Clearly, this Korean-American is a danger, and is secretly hoping that the South will rise again.

College students riot for freedom and against hatred by calling any person with whom they disagree a hater, while forbidding him to speak freely on their campus. Evidently, freedom of speech requires silencing free speech.

The same people who insist that no government can control a woman’s reproductive rights insist with equal vehemence that the government must control her carbon emissions. It is too bad that an unborn child is not comprised of glacial ice; maybe then they would value it.

Multimillionaire sports figures dishonor the flag of the very nation whose laws protect their right to dishonor the flag, and which has provided them with the opportunity to prosper beyond their wildest dreams. We should all be so afflicted.

Antifa—which stands for Anti-Fascist—is a fascist organization. Maybe that is more indicative of irony than nonsense, but you get the point.

Christian, Jesus has told you that you dwell “as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” While Bible-believing Christians have often majored in dove-like behavior, the day has come in which we must also pursue serpent-like wisdom, for our nation is fleeing common sense and is running headlong into the arms of various shades of nonsense.

Common sense has died in our culture; let wisdom rise in our Churches.

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