Wrinkle Creams and the Myth of Flawless Skin

Last night, as I was suffering through the latest offering of America’s Got Talent—which my children consider high drama—yet another advertisement aired that offered a skin cream. This cream, replete with nourishing, exotic plant extracts, pledged to reduce my wrinkles and to prevent age spots and veritably to turn back the hands of time.

In reality, no wrinkle cream will forestall aging. No miracle in a bottle will reverse the hands of time. Each of us is dying a slow but sure death, and time will, in the end, have its way with us all. Some of us will die sooner, the victims of disease or injury or violence. But even those who are blessed with long life and health will eventually succumb. Your skin will wrinkle and sag; your bones will become brittle; your hair will turn gray or fall out; you will recover more slowly from exertion or injury; and eventually, you will simply stop. It matters not what plant extracts you have rubbed on your skin, and even you vegan, pale0, or raw diet devotees will return to the dust from which you came. It’s just that you will not have had the joy of a good cheeseburger along the way.

Some are fond today to speak of death as a disease, as though our great savior, science, will one day offer the elixir of eternal life. But death is not a disease; it is a curse for sin, and so long as sin remains, death will reign. It is a law; it is the gravity of the spiritual world. You will no more cure death than you will cure the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

There is but one cure for wrinkles. There is but one cure for aging. There is but one cure for death. Resurrection. Jesus has overcome death, putting it to death, and has risen to new and everlasting life. And those who trust in Him will also rise—perfected, imperishable, never to die again. There will be no death, for there will be no sin. And without sin, there will be no wrinkles.

As the beautiful young woman gently caressed her flawless skin, the advertisement promised a fountain of youth in a plastic tube. But as for me, I will trust in something a bit more substantial. I will trust in Him who has risen, and in whom I will rise.

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