You’re Not a Hater, and Neither am I

This will be brief.

I love, respect, and value friends with whom I harbor deep disagreements. Politics, religion, and the evil of cats present areas of sharp division, but we remain friends. If I could only cherish friendships with people who fully agree with all my beliefs and convictions, my only friend would be me. When you disagree with me I do not think you’re a “hater.” I may think you’re wrong, especially when you refuse to recognize that cats are willing vessels of the demonic, but that doesn’t mean you hate me. And when I disagree with you, especially when you support the Patriots, I hope you don’t think I’m a “hater.” I just like to oppose evil in all its forms, but that’s just me. You support whatever team your seared conscience allows.

Suffice it to say that disagreement is not synonymous with hate. To suggest so is just nuts.

The end.

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