A Web of Glory

Consider your life a spider web.

Something forms the center, anchoring every thread that radiates outward, connecting the various strands as one. What centers your web?

The Greek word for glory is doxay. A doxology thus ascribes glory to God. Theologian Robert Reymond writes: “The church . . . is to view itself primarily as a ‘trophy’ of God’s mercy and grace, and see its first duty to be that of living doxologically before God, praising Him both in its belief and its behavior.” Do you view yourself as Jesus’ trophy, as a monument to His victory over sin and death and hell? Are you living doxologically?

Trophies stand on display for all to see, marking achievement and excellence. Each Christian stands as a living trophy, whose life shows forth Jesus’ work of redemption and His power to sanctify His people. The Church therefore resides as Exhibit A in God’s trophy case, set out for the world to see, so that all might know that Jesus Christ redeems.

If an investigator traced the trail of your time, money, friendships, activities, and interests, would that trail lead him to Jesus Christ? In other words, would he find that the glory of Jesus forms the center of your web, anchoring every strand of your life? Or does something else reside there?

Pray this: “Father, give me passion and power to shape my life for the glory of Jesus. May all I do bring Him glory. Amen.”

As God answers that prayer in you, it will not matter which thread life plucks, for each will lead to Jesus who anchors all the threads of your life in His glory.

2 thoughts on “A Web of Glory

  1. Honestly I would find myself in the center of my web. I am entangled in my own web by my own fears and doubts. Is there really anyone who isn’t the center of their own web? I believe, but am still there in the center.


  2. ‘If an investigator traced the trail of your time, money, friendships, activities, and interests, would that trail lead him to Jesus Christ?…Or does something else reside there?”

    In most churches I think that trail would lead her to a system set up leaders to generate money and make an “impact” at any cost, even if it means covering up unethical and potentially criminal behavior. When you build a machine like Church™ you have to protect and maintain it; otherwise it’ll fall apart. The language of the machine says it’s all about Jesus, but the behavior says otherwise.

    Some of us actually believe in something better for the church than the status quo of abuse denial and abuser protection. It’s a systemic problem across denominations, sizes, and localities. The tendrils of the Church™ machine have sunk in deep. This is about dismantling the machine so the body of Christ can heal and grow together.

    You can’t be a body and a machine at the same time, St. John. Christ is not interested in having a cyborg bride.


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