“Distancing” Double-Talk

Some double-talk is too hypocritical not to mention.

St. Patrick’s Day revelers. College spring breakers. Any person in any public group of any size. What do they have in common? All have been shamed and excoriated on social media for refusing to comply with “social distancing” guidelines.

One young man lashed out via Facebook at a photo of college students on a Florida beach, writing that these were “the worst kind of humans,” while another agreed, saying to the students in the photo, “You’re killing people!”

“Idiots,” “dumbsh*ts,” and “*ssholes” are just of few of the more vulgar insults I’ve read recently as people virtue signal their support for “distancing.” The less-than-delightful meme, “Stay the F*ck Home!” has also been making its rounds.

The implication seems clear: Socially responsible human beings do not brazenly risk other’s lives.

But at least in my social media sphere some of the most vocal shamers of those who violate “distancing” rules are at the same time vocal supporters of abortion. Evidently, Joe McIrish is directly responsible for making sure that no grandmother gets COVID-19, but an abortion advocate is not responsible to protect the unborn. Mary from State U is supposed to set aside her freedoms for the safety of others, but the abortion advocate won’t set aside hers for her own baby. What happened to socially responsible human beings not brazenly risking others lives?

After all, abortion does not simply risk life. It destroys it.

Personally, I’m happy to participate in “social distancing.” I believe that love for neighbor compels me to seek the welfare of others, even if that means setting aside some of my “rights” for a time.

But if you’re in favor of slaughtering 2,500 babies each day, every day, which is the butcher’s bill of abortion in America, then please don’t lecture anyone on hand washing, “social-distancing,” or the need to protect the vulnerable.

Because you’re talking out of both sides of your mouth.

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